Month: February 2014

Daniel Barnes @ the SNR

Unlike the American-produced propaganda purveyed by Michael Bay, Peter Berg and Roland Emmerich, the Russian 3D IMAX epic Stalingrad smuggles a tender soul into the omnipresent CGI and Gladiator-style fight scenes. *You can’t spell “menigococcal” without McG. *Besides my film reviews, I also write about beer, as in […]

In Theaters – “7 Boxes”

7 Boxes (2014; Dir. Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schembori) Grade: B by Mike Dub Paraguayan films rarely make the long trip up to the States, which is one of the reasons that 7 Boxes, which opens today at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco, is such a fun movie to discover.  […]


Scorsese talks about Antonioni, placing him within the context of the era’s European “arthouse” cinema.  He also calls L’Eclisse the “boldest” of the three films, “less like a story and more like a poem.”  Naturally, Scorsese makes me ashamed for not liking the movie more. The opening credits of the […]

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