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Daniel Barnes @ the SNR – 4/17 issue


*The auteur influences on Jonathan Glazer’s mesmerizing and meditative nightmare Under the Skin (pictured left) are legion, including Nicolas Roeg, Abbas Kiarostami, Stanley Kubrick and early Ridley Scott, but the result is a genuine original that defies categorization. [I will have a longer review of this film in next week’s issue of the SNR]

*The Rumsfeld we see in The Unknown Known is a classic Errol Morris-ian deluded obsessive, even if the film gets too close to a sort of queasy hero worship.

*The Raid 2 is what a Busby Berkeley movie would have looked like had he been a sadist instead of a pervert.


*Jude Law (pictured right) gives his best performance in a decade as the title character in Dom Hemingway, but this enjoyably coarse black comedy is undermined by a third-act spiral.