Month: May 2014


 by Mike Dub and Daniel Barnes Every year, San Francisco plays host to a film lover’s weekend-long paradise: The San Francisco Silent Film Festival.  This year’s festival, hosted by the glorious Castro Theater, continues its 18-year tradition of showcasing high-quality silent films with live musical accompaniment to an appreciative […]

May Netflix Instant Review – “The Piano Teacher”

The Piano Teacher (2001; Dir.: Michael Haneke) GRADE: B By Mike Dub Throughout his well-regarded and controversial career, Michael Haneke has specialized in disturbing violence.  With unnerving precision, Haneke unfurls stories that build delicately to sudden, shocking explosions of blood and death.  In The Piano Teacher, based on a […]

Sam Fuller Goes to War By Daniel Barnes

By Daniel Barnes Fixed Bayonets! (1951; Sam Fuller) GRADE: B+ War movies are an indigenous territory for a director who liked to describe cinema as a battlefield.  However, Fixed Bayonets! is a little more limited by its genre and commercial obligations. It’s about an outnumbered platoon given a suicidal […]

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