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Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R (7/31 issue)


*The enchantingly nutso Lucy, a cinematic crossbreeding of La Femme Nikita, D.O.A. and Altered States, is the most tangible proof that director Luc Besson gives a rat’s ass since the 1990s.

*Steve James’ affectionate Roger Ebert documentary Life Itself is a sincere and powerful portrayal of mortality and undying love.


*The same creaky and goofy qualities that make Brett Ratner’s Hercules mediocre in any era are also what make it almost recommendable in this time of doom-shrouded action cinema.

index3*There is a casual and somewhat lazy assumption in The Fluffy Movie that the viewer is already familiar with the Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias origin story, so the film is both an insufficient entry point for newbies, and a too-familiar series of callbacks for longtime fans.


*There is an exhilarating impression early in Guardians of the Galaxy that the film may actually have the guts to surrender to leading man Chris Pratt’s Kool-Aid Man chaos, but the feeling is short-lived. Soon, we’re stuck following magical orbs and infinity stones with the awesome power to do things I never really cared about, and Pratt’s dizzy charm is pushed aside in favor of plot-heavy predictability and Marvel Universe-building.