In Theaters

Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R/CSIndy – 8/14 issues


*There is the feeling throughout Richard Linklater’s sublime Boyhood that his protagonist Mason is simultaneously living and remembering his childhood, in the way that experience becomes memory the exact moment that it happens. In Boyhood, a child goes to bed one night and wakes up a year older. Ask any parent: It happens. Linklater spins a spider web of emotional connections across Boyhood, and despite the seemingly haphazard, stop-start nature of the production, it feels like he is totally in control of the story every step of the way.


*Much like McDonagh’s 2011 directorial debut The Guard, Calvary traffics in that borderline surreal dichotomy between the existential and the vulgar. It is a tough trick to pull off, and too often the results feel frosty and smug, with a bigness more suited to the proscenium arch than the letterbox.

*Woody Allen continues his Western European tour of pretty sunsets with Magic in the Moonlight, yet another in his now two-decade-long series of mediocre-at-best gimmick comedies.


*Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an entry-level Bay knockoff for the Saturday-morning cartoon crowd, and only the spectacle of CGI creatures acting rings around their human co-stars passes for entertainment.