E Street Film Society – The Future…and Beyond!

the-man-who-came-to-dinner-monty-woolley-1942Hello readers, this is Daniel Barnes, your friendly neighborhood film snob.  I wanted to step away from my usual critical distance and pandering references to The Simpsons to talk about some of the changes that are coming to the E Street Film Society.

Mike Dub will be reducing his participation in the blog in order to free up his time for other projects – he will still be contributing occasional pieces, but his role moving forward will be more of a sounding board/guru/moral center, rather than an active day-to-day participant.  Therefore, I am going to stash the ESFS Festival format for now, since I probably will not be able to keep up the once-a-week pace on my own.  I am working on an exciting new format, however, which I plan to debut in early 2015 – look for details in late December.  Beyond that, expect more reviews of new movies, and more frequent Dare Daniel reviews.

For the immediate future, I thought it would be more fun and more interesting for you to follow along with my end-of-year screener cram-fest.  Now that I am a member of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle, I get to vote for the nominees and winners of our annual awards.  My SFFCC awards ballot arrives in exactly 2 weeks and is due in exactly 3 weeks, so I am already feeling the crunch of a deadline. Over the last month, I have been deluged with screeners and links from awards hopefuls, and my plan is to take the entire week of Thanksgiving off to emerge myself in tactical catchups and rewatches.

My 2014 Year-End Catchup List, a list of already-released films that I have yet to see organized by urgency and availability, is HERE.

My ranked list of every 2014 release that I have seen to date is HERE.

The unranked 2014 list is HERE.

***Someone in the next room dumps a bucket of change onto a linoleum floor***

Thirty-seven dollars and seventeen cents.  Mostly nickels.  And finally, my list of films that I hope to rewatch before awards time is HERE.

Wooley2I will be updating all of these lists frequently, and I will be logging every film that I see on my Letterboxd page.  In addition, I will be posting capsule reviews of  the more notable films that I see here on E Street, in a diary style similar to the one I used for my Mill Valley Film Festival coverage.  The first of my 2014 End-of-Year Cram-Fest Roundup posts will go up this weekend.  Hopefully, I will also be able to publish my awards ballot in its entirety after it has been completed and submitted.  My goal is to be as transparent and honest about this process as possible – I can’t promise to not be wrong, but I can promise to bullshit you.

And as a special bonus, next week I will serve up an ESFS-exclusive Thanksgiving turkey shoot, where I will carve up the year’s most overstuffed cinematic butterballs.  Mood Indigo, you are officially on notice.

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