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Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R/CSIndy/MCW – 12/4 issues


When we think of the “revisionist Western,” the implication is usually one of Peckinpah-esque ultraviolence or Dead Man artiness. Tommy Lee Jones’ unexpectedly devastating The Homesman, while hardly lacking for flashes of brutal violence or moments of equally brutal introspection, takes a slightly different approach to its revisionist vision of the Old West. It is a film about the Western landscape as a psychological nightmare, and in its deepest and darkest moments, The Homesman questions how insanity should be defined in a world as savage and lonely as the one it depicts.

My review of The Homesman was also reprinted in the Colorado Springs Independent and the Monterey County Weekly.

index2In the visually terse CitizenFour, documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras crafts a stark and chilling portrait of a world where connection is the new terror.


In the Madagascar films, the penguins were relegated to monotony-breaking cameos, so it is not surprising that after a fun first half, their star vehicle Penguins of Madagascar hits the wall.