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Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R – 1/1 issue


*With their many absentee fathers, compromised artists, robber baron capitalists, and would-be messiahs, the films of Paul Thomas Anderson portray the California Dream as an oft-repeated fall from grace of Biblical proportions. All pinned to the wall and linked together with an intricate series of colored strings, the Anderson oeuvre begins to form an alternate-history book of Southern California as spoiled paradise, stretching from the oil field power struggles in There Will Be Blood to the millennium apocalypse anxieties of Magnolia, and now the “square is hip” conspiracy at the heart of his latest film, the ramshackle masterpiece Inherent Vice.


*In the overhyped and unfunny The Interview, James Franco and Seth Rogen engage in the sort of one-note racist and homophobic hijinks that should be beneath them by now.