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Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R (2/5/15 issue)


*Mommy is already the fifth feature from 25-year-old French Canadian auteur Xavier Dolan, and while his latest film still possesses an overeager youthfulness, it’s also a visually tense, emotionally ecstatic and unforgettable experience. [NOTE: This film was originally scheduled to open in Sacramento on February 6, but the date was changed after the SN&R had already gone to print.  It is currently playing in San Francisco and San Rafael.]

*Cinematically speaking, writer-director J.C. Chandor maintains a tight strike zone throughout A Most Violent Year, and the measured, confident, almost chilly tone that permeates the film is largely responsible for the cold shoulder it received throughout the awards season.


*The awful Project Almanac commits every single sin of the found-footage subgenre—inexplicable motives for the characters to continue filming, nonsensical shot-reverse-shots and multi-camera coverage, nauseating mìse-en-scène, people screaming “Are you seeing this?” and “Please tell me you got that!” at the camera. But let’s be honest—no gimmick in cinema past, present or future could make this tripe palatable.