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VOD REVIEW – “Love Hunter”

index5Love Hunter (2015; Dir.: Branislav “Brane” Bala and Nemanja Bala)


By Daniel Barnes

*Out now on iTunes, Amazon, and most VOD services, and available on DVD and Netflix Instant starting April 15.

Writer-directors Branislav and Nemanja Bala have fashioned Love Hunter as a semi-autobiographical star vehicle for singer-songwriter Milan Mumin. Wait, who? The Serbian-born Mumin fronted The Love Hunters, a key band in the Yugoslav War-era rock scene that never registered stateside, and for the last decade he’s been driving a New York City cab while continuing to chase his musical dreams. That’s essentially where Love Hunter picks up, with the gregarious Mumin playing “himself,” a cab-driving guitar player forced to choose between his solo album ambitions and the domestic demands of his fiancée, while soaking in the rhythms of the city and developing a crush on his pretty bassist. It hits an exact midpoint between the warming Once and the tacky Begin Again, both in terms of tone and quality, and it tends to drag considerably whenever the Bob Mould-like Mumin is forced to put down his guitar and carry the emotional weight of the film.