In Theaters

Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R (4/30 and 5/7 issues)


*Olivier Assayas’ quietly hypnotic Clouds of Sils Maria explores the psychology of female role-play with depth and intelligence, and the performances by Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart are outstanding.

*The haute couture fashion documentary Dior and I goes for something more complex and ambitious than the usual self-serving reality show clone – a cross-generational dialogue about artistic authorship.


index*The Italian crime-family drama Black Souls builds its corrupt world with a painstakingness that borders on lethargy, and while it’s clearly the product of a talented director, I never quite connected with it.


*Interminable wisecracks and cartoon mayhem aside, the whole point of the downright depressing Avengers: Age of Ultron is to introduce another of the “infinity stones,” a group of mysterious gems that possess the awesome and unfathomable power to do things that we don’t need to know about for another few Marvel movies. It’s the perfect crown jewel for a movie that serves as its own MacGuffin.

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