Month: June 2015

ESFS Festival 10, Film 3 – “The Son”

The Son (2002; Dir.: Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne) GRADE: B By Daniel Barnes In my festival intro, I mentioned that actor Jérémie Renier served as the Dardenne brothers’ “on-again, off-again muse,” a blonde-mopped personification of moral turpitude and financial desperation in modern-day Belgium. That argument still holds water, […]

Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R/CSIndy (6/18 and 6/25 issues)

#barnesyardbumps: *The idea that one’s brain must be switched into sleep mode in order to appreciate a film is silly and offensive, but that shouldn’t prevent a fully switched-on brain from enjoying a deeply stupid movie like Jurassic World. #barnesyarddumps: *Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s oxygen-deprived Me and Earl and the Dying […]

IN THEATERS (SF) – “The Wolfpack”

The Wolfpack (2015; Dir.: Crystal Moselle) GRADE: B- By Daniel Barnes *Opens today at the Embarcadero Center Cinema in San Francisco, the Landmark Shattuck Cinema in Berkeley, and the Regency in San Rafael. Many hardcore cinephiles are socially maladroit misfits, and many more behave as though they learned […]