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Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R/SA Current (7/23 issues)

index*There’s certainly a palpable sense of warmth and understanding to Maya Forbes’ family memoir Infinitely Polar Bear (pictured), but I wish that she wanted to give her audience something a little more substantial than a case of the warm fuzzies.

*The searing documentary Cartel Land examines the brutal violence being waged on America’s doorstep by the Mexican drug and human trafficking cartels, and especially at the armed vigilante movements that have sprung up on both sides of the border in retaliation.

*My ESFS review of Cartel Land was reprinted in this week’s San Antonio Current.

*Trainwreck feels like the product of Judd Apatow convincing Amy Schumer to turn down her volume in order to appease the immature male chauvinist jag-offs that they both hold in high contempt.