In Theaters

Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R (7/30 and 8/6 issues)


*Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is practically a greatest-hits collection—fake latex faces are ripped off for dramatic effect, an impenetrable fortress is penetrated and the globe is trotted to dazzling effect. It’s familiar and fun and expertly packaged, and it settles into an eminently watchable formula that’s reminiscent of a Roger Moore-era Bond movie.

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*Adapted from a novel by Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn, Dark Places certainly has the feel of a page-turner, so densely packed with red herrings and coincidences that it’s absurd, but the white-hot Charlize Theron grounds her character in something recognizable and relatable.images

*Infinitely Polar Bear gives off a palpable sense of sincerity, but I wish that writer-directory Maya Forbes wanted to give her audience something a little more substantial than a case of the warm fuzzies.


*Vacation is simultaneously a sequel, a remake, and a reboot, but above all it’s a mean-spirited and depressing waste of time and money.