Month: September 2015

Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R, 9/24 issue

*Starring Johnny Depp, Black Mass is such a sturdily faceless production that it could have come from a kit labeled “Whitey Bulger Biopic”. *Patricia Clarkson and Ben Kingsley are such likable performers that they’re watchable in the worst tripe, but it’s hard to imagine a weaker vehicle for […]

In Theaters – “The Visit”

The Visit (2015; Dir.: M. Night Shaymalan) GRADE: D By Mike Dub “You can’t mess up slow dancing because it’s just kind of a slow motion hug.  The only way you could mess it up is if you started fast dancing in the middle of it.  And she was […]

VOD Review – “The Mend”

The Mend (2015; Dir.: John Magary) GRADE: A- By Daniel Barnes *Available now on iTunes and other VOD platforms. Where in the wide world of fucks did this crazy thing come from? First-time writer-director John Magary makes an exhilarating debut with The Mend, an NYC-based comedy of ill […]