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Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R/MCW (10/29, 11/5, 11/12 issues)

index*Wide-eyed and sincere, Labyrinth of Lies exudes a childlike confidence akin to a Rousseau painting, and whatever it lacks in nuance and cleverness it makes up for in its mix of heart-on-sleeve moralism, pulp drama and classic movie forms and rhythms.

*The solemn and walnut-stained biopic Truth tries to sing a swan song for “old school” journalists and their charming drinking problems, but instead it’s a paean to boomer self-congratulation, an ode to getting the story more or less right.

*My review of Truth also ran in the 10/29 issue of Monterey County Weekly.

*It was the best of Bonds (Connery), it was the worst of Bonds (Brosnan) – my take on the many actors who have played James Bond.