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Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R, 11/19 issue

index*I interviewed Sacramento-born actress Brie Larson about her new film Room, her approach to playing troubled characters, and her Criterion Collection cinephilia.

*Director Lenny Abrahamson brought a hazy commingling of whimsy and psychosis to last year’s Frank that never worked for me, yet that same approach proves essential to the success of Abrahamson’s Room.

*Based on the 2010 story of trapped Chilean miners, The 33 is the rare film that combines the narrative thrust and suspense of an Anderson Cooper 360 episode with the shameless schmaltz and racially dicey casting choices of a Hollywood biopic.

*Labyrinth of Lies exudes a childlike confidence akin to a Rousseau painting, and whatever it lacks in nuance and good taste it makes up for in its mix of heart-on-sleeve moralism, pulp drama and classic film form.