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The Barnesyard Presents: Best of Filmmusic 2015

mad-max-furyTHIS is my Xmas/New Year’s present to my readers: a carefully curated Spotify mix of the best original film scores of 2015. This is not intended to be an authoritative list, but rather a cohesive and thoughtfully sequenced mix that celebrates some of the finest filmmusic of the year.  To that end, I have included tracks from several of the films on my #officiallydumped list. After all, Alexandre Desplat didn’t write the terrible script for The Danish Girl, but he did compose its lovely score.

In order to make this task more manageable, however, I created a few stipulations:

-Only 2015 NYC commercial releases were considered for the mix.
-Only films that I’ve seen were considered.
-I only allowed one (and in rare cases, two) tracks per movie.index
-I only considered original scores (my Best Film Songs of 2015 mix is coming soon).
-The soundtrack had to be available on Spotify.

Although that last stipulation eliminated excellent original scores from Slow West, Heaven Knows What, The Mend and many more, it still left me with an overabundance of fantastic and incredibly varied filmmusic.  This mix encompasses the entire sonic rainbow of 2015 cinema, from the thundering herd of Tom Holkenborg’s Mad Max: Fury Road to the quiet longing of Carter Burwell’s Carol, to the workhorse output of Michael Giacchino, who makes the cut for four separate films. I hope you enjoy my Best of Filmmmusic 2015 mix, and I’ll see you in 2016!

Listen to the complete mix HERE

TRACKLIST (film and composer in parentheses)

1) “Survive” (Mad Max: Fury Road – Tom Holkenborg)
2) “Brothers in Arms” (Mad Max: Fury Road – Tom Holkenborg)
images33) “I Hate My Life” (Jupiter Ascending – Michael Giacchino)
4) “Theme from Ant-Man” (Ant-Man – Christophe Beck)
5) “Humdrum Day” (Shaun the Sheep Movie – Ilan Eshken)
6) “Relatos Salvajes” (Wild Tales – Gustavo Santaolalla)
7) “Football Without a Ball” (Timbuktu – Amine Bouhafa)
8) “Bunzo” (Kumiko the Treasure Hunter – The Octopus Project)
9) “Mistess America” (Mistress America – Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips)
10) “Being Maudlin” (Grandma – Joel P. West)
11) “You’ve Piqued My Pin-trist” (Tomorrowland – Michael Giacchino)
12) “Solomon Lane” (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – Joe Kraemer)
13) “Mr. Holmes” (Mr. Holmes – Carter Burwell)
14) “Into the Portal” (Poltergeist – Marc Streitenfeld)
15) “Getting to Work” (Victor Frankenstein – Craig Armstrong)
images716) “Suffragette” (Suffragette – Alexandre Desplat)
17) “It’s Not Working” (Steve Jobs – Daniel Pemberton)
18) “Detroit” (It Follows – Disasterpeace)
19) “Overture” (The Hateful Eight – Ennio Morricone)
20) “The Beast” (Sicario – Johann Johannsson)
21) “After the Ghost” (Crimson Peak – Fernando Velazquez)
22) “Goofball No Longer” (Inside Out – Michael Giacchino)
23) “The Shoe” (The End of the Tour – Danny Elfman)
24) “Black Madonna” (The Duke of Burgundy – Cat’s Eyes)
25) “John Connolly” (Black Mass – Tom Holkenborg)
26) “Ejection Protocol” (Bridge of Spies – Thomas Newman)
27) “Gone Day” (Room – Stephen Rennicks)
images28) “Sinking” (Queen of Earth – Keegan DeWitt)
29) “End Title” (Gemma Bovery – Bruno Coulais)
30) “Tom” (Tom at the Farm – Gabriel Yared)
31) “The Child, Pt. 1” (Macbeth – Jed Kurzel)
32) “The Child, Pt. 2” (Macbeth – Jed Kurzel)
33) “Hoover Dam” (San Andreas – Andrew Lockington
34) “Out” (Ex Machina – Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow)
35) “Spektral Plains” (Welcome to Leith – T. Griffin)
36) “Can You Believe It?” (Manglehorn – Explosions in the Sky, David Wingo)
37) “The Danish Girl” (The Danish Girl – Alexandre Desplat)
38) “Packing for the Voyage” (Brooklyn – Michael Brook)
39) “Outside the Valley” (Z for Zachariah – Heather McIntosh)
40) “Hungry Beach” (Hungry Hearts – Nicola Piovani)
41) “The Park is Closed” (Jurassic World – Michael Giacchino)index
42) “Epilogue” (Paddington – Nick Urata)
43) “End Credits” (Far from the Madding Crowd – Craig Armstrong)
44) “Lale’s Theme” (Mustang – Warren Ellis)
45) “Crossing” (Carol – Carter Burwell)