Month: July 2017


Landline (2017; Dir.: Gillian Robespierre) GRADE: B- By Daniel Barnes *Opens Friday, July 28, at the AMC Kabuki in San Francisco, the Landmark Shattuck in Berkeley and the Regency Cinema 6 in San Rafael. Another spiked-punch punch-puller from Obvious Child auteur Robespierre, again headlined/saved by the electrifying Jenny Slate.  Less […]

MOVIE REVIEW – IN THEATERS (SF) – “Endless Poetry”

Endless Poetry (2017; Dir.: Alejandro Jodorowsky) GRADE: B By Daniel Barnes *Opens Friday, July 21, at the Landmark Opera Plaza in San Francisco and the Landmark Shattuck in Berkeley. Full disclosure: I have not seen Jodorowsky’s 2014 comeback film The Dance of Reality, the spiritual successor to this semi-autobiographical […]

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