Film Podcast – Dare Daniel Mini-Episode 20.5

Welcome to Scare Daniel, a Halloween-themed overlay of the podcast featuring reviews of five maligned horror movies during the entire month of Cork-tober.

First on the chopping block: George Pavlou’s 1986 film Rawhead Rex, a hilariously bad adaptation of a Clive Barker short story that stars David Dukes, Kelly Piper and the most janky-looking monster mask you have ever seen.  You can Schmetflix and schmill with that episode when it comes out on Tuesday.

In the meantime, hosts Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell prepare for Scare Daniel by talking about the horror scenes that scared them the most, while also taking a look back at the structural horrors of last week’s film, the Keanu Reeves non-thriller Exposed.

Elsewhere in this trainwreck of a mini-episode, the hosts talk a lot about Frank Langella, celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day a week late and invite Michael Winslow to eat their lunch.

Dare Daniel Question of the Week: What horror movie scene scares you the most?

Corky’s pick: Jamie Kennedy and Matthew Lillard running towards Neve Campbell in Scream

Daniel’s pick: the red coat reveal in Don’t Look Now

New Dares: Cutthroat Island (Marco Cabodi); The Box (Heather Williams)


The beach scene from Under the Skin

Regan’s medical test from The Exorcist

The clown scene from Poltergeist

The bathtub scene from The Shining 

Spielberg taking a big dump on Kubrick in Ready Player One

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