“Can’t Stop the Music” – Best of Dare Daniel Podcast

The Village People and Valerie Perrine in Can't Stop the Music.

Can’t Stop the Music (1980; Nancy Walker) – Best of Dare Daniel Rerun 20

“Relax! Boogie!”

Tragically unable to stop the music, Daniel and Corky serve up two scoops of Can’t Stop the Nuts to revisit their review of this factually dubious Village People biopic.


U.S. release date: June 20, 1980

Critics scores: 22 on Rotten Tomatoes

This week’s Darer: Dan Scott

Why did Dan dare Daniel and Corky? “Because you can’t stop the music. Nobody can stop the music. You will want to stop the music so many times. But you Can’t. Stop. The Music.”

IMDB synopsis: “A pseudo autobiography of disco’s The Village People.”

This week’s referenced movies: The ShiningThe Bad News BearsCruisingRockyWildcatsFletchSupermanChuck & BuckApocalypse NowComing HomeMiller’s CrossingIt Happened One NightGentlemen Prefer BlondesGreaseTheodore Rex

Ratings: Daniel – Reverse Dare; Corky – Double Dare

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