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ESFS Festival #4 Wrap-Up – Psychotherapy on Film

By Mike Dub and Daniel Barnes MD: Going into this festival, I wanted to concentrate on the subgenres and archetypes of the movie psychiatrist, but after watching these three films, another thread struck me as being prominent to the psychotherapy film: the relationship between prestige and exploitation.  All […]

ESFS Festival 4, Film 3 – A Dangerous Method

A Dangerous Method (2011; Dir.: David Cronenberg) GRADE: B- By Mike Dub Given cinema’s predisposition for illustrating human psychology, it is somewhat surprising that David Croneneberg, renowned for his use of surreal narrative devices and imagery (he’s the man who had James Woods stick his head into the vagina […]

Festival 4, Film 2 – EQUUS

Equus (1977; Dir.: Sidney Lumet) GRADE: B- By Daniel Barnes Equus was adapted from a Tony Award-winning play by Peter Shaffer, at a seemingly perfect time for director Sidney Lumet to shepherd a prestige production to the screen. A workhorse since his TV days in the early 1950s, […]


By Daniel Barnes and Mike Dub Daniel Barnes: My main reason for putting together this festival, beyond exploring a few actresses whose films I had never seen, was to examine cinematic sexuality in the silent era.  As I said in my festival intro, movies don’t create trends, but […]

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