La Notte (1961; Dir.: Michelangelo Antonioni) Grade: B By Mike Dub The second leg of Michelangelo Antonioni’s so-called “Alienation Trilogy” picks up pretty much where L’Avventura left off with La Notte.  Though unrelated to its predecessor in plot, the themes and relationships circle the same areas: lovers don’t love […]

Clips – Antonioni and “L’Avventura”

Ingmar Bergman wasn’t a huge fan, but he thinks Antonioni “made two masterpieces – Blow-Up and La Notte“: Roughly thirty-five to forty-five seconds after getting ridiculously baked backstage, The Passenger star Jack Nicholson presents Antonioni with an honorary Oscar at the 1995 Academy Awards.  “In the empty silent […]

Dare Daniel Classics

*Originally published on The Barnesyard blog on October 20, 2005. EXIT TO EDEN (1994; Dir.: Garry Marshall) GRADE: D- By Daniel Barnes If nothing else, Exit to Eden is an example of how attempting to play to every demographic only winds up making everyone unhappy. The film is […]

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