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Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R – 8/28 issues

*Roger Donaldson’s by-the-numbers The November Man is so comfortable, so content to reprocess the familiar and predictable, that the film practically dozes off on the recliner in the living room of your mind. *A sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s seminal greenscreen noir Sin City has been in the works […]

Daniel Barnes @ the SNR

In Need for Speed, a street racer is blamed for the death of his friend in a street race, leaving him only one way to clear his name…a street race! Only French actress Eva Green transcends the cartoonish mayhem of 300: Rise of an Empire.

Daniel Barnes @ the SNR

Like The Bourne Legacy, 300: Rise of an Empire is more of a “parallel-quel” to the original film, telling a narrative that operates side by side with the already established storyline, while occasionally interweaving some of those new elements into the franchise’s mythology. It’s really quite annoying.