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DARE DANIEL – Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill (2011; Dir.: Dennis Dugan) GRADE: D- By Daniel Barnes *Dared by Matt B. Over a decade ago in a college newspaper review of Little Nicky, I wrote, “Adam Sandler is truly his generation’s Jerry Lewis,” with everything great and terrible that statement implies.” It’s a […]

DARE DANIEL – The Back-Up Plan

The Back-Up Plan (2010; Dir.: Alan Poul) GRADE: F By Daniel Barnes The “and credit” is hallowed ground in the opening credits of any film, an honorable position of respect not to be bestowed lightly. Naturally, the film’s stars are always listed first in a movie’s credits, followed […]

Dare Daniel Classics

*Originally published on the Movie City USA blog on June 5, 2008. STEPMOM (1998; Dir.: Chris Columbus) GRADE: D- By Daniel Barnes At the end of Chris Columbus’ mummified would-be tearjerker Stepmom, there is a credit that reads, “In Loving Memory of Irene Columbus”.  It’s a reference to […]

Dare Daniel Classics

*Originally published on The Barnesyard blog on October 20, 2005. EXIT TO EDEN (1994; Dir.: Garry Marshall) GRADE: D- By Daniel Barnes If nothing else, Exit to Eden is an example of how attempting to play to every demographic only winds up making everyone unhappy. The film is […]

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