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Biker Boyz (2003)

“Biker Boyz” Podcast Movie Review

Biker Boyz – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 112 “I don’t know what the hell your fool ass was trying to prove, but whatever it was, you proved it!” King of Cali cronies Daniel and Corky rev down to review the high-speed, low-energy biker movie Biker Boyz. This underdeveloped outline of […]

365 Days: This Day

“365 Days: This Day” Podcast Movie Review

365 Days: This Day – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 111 “I’m a little bit of a psycho/I’m driving you like a Lambo” Daniel and Corky are back and stronger than ever. But a conspicuously terrible movie bidding for no sane human’s heart complicates the  podcasters’ lives. 365 Days: This […]

365 days rerun

“365 Days” – Dare Daniel Podcast Rerun

365 Days – Dare Daniel Podcast Rerun 5 “Are you lost, baby girl?” Daniel and Corky get you pumped for their upcoming review of 365 Days: This Day with a rerun of their popular 365 Days episode. 365 DAYS FACTS AND FIGURES Daniel’s craft beer: Henhouse Brewing‘s MK Ultra IPA (6.9% ABV) […]

Gene Kelly and Evel Knievel in Viva Knievel!

“Viva Knievel!” Podcast Movie Review

Viva Knievel! – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 110 “Viva Corky!” We celebrate Corky’s birthday by squeezing into our iconic stars-and-bars jumpsuits and reviewing Evel Knievel in Viva Knievel! It’s as moth-eaten a movie as you’ll ever see, with only the messianic egomania of its star to differentiate it from […]

“The Crow: Wicked Prayer” Podcast Movie Review

The Crow: Wicked Prayer – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 109 “The stupidity of this movie compounds every single second that you watch it.” Daniel and Corky have no sympathy for the devil after watching Edward Furlong as avenging bird Jimmy Cuervo in this wretched straight-to-video sequel. A film […]

Joan Rivers and Billy Crystal in Rabbit Test

“Rabbit Test” Podcast Movie Review

  Rabbit Test – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 108 “Next to you, the moon walk was doo-doo.” This week, Gladys Knight & the Poops super-fans Daniel and Corky labor over Joan Rivers’ catastrophically unfunny Rabbit Test. Ostensibly about the world’s first pregnant man, Rabbit Test is a grim […]

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