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John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in Two of a Kind

“Two of a Kind” Podcast Movie Review

Two of a Kind – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 123 “It’s a movie forgotten by time, and I look forward to forgetting it myself.” Kooky inventor Daniel Barnes and flirty bank teller Corky McDonnell get together to save the world from the abysmal nothing-burgerTwo of a Kind. Grease stars John […]

“The Exorcist III” Podcast Movie Review

The Exorcist III – Scare Daniel Podcast Episode 122 “It’s just a bunch of peas and anchovies.” Daniel and Corky do their shouty best to keep up with George C. Scott in William Peter Blatty’s so-underappreciated-it’s-almost-overappreciated The Exorcist III. Blatty crafts a shockingly effective slow creep that is […]

Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus (1993)

“Hocus Pocus” Podcast Movie Review

Hocus Pocus – Scare Daniel Podcast Episode 121 “Max likes your yabbos.” Daniel and Corky light a Febreze to clear the air after reviewing Bette Midler in the inexplicably beloved Hocus Pocus. This sloppily written, egregiously unfunny Halloween comedy about three Stooges-esque witches somehow became a beloved holiday […]

Joan Crawford in Strait-Jacket (1964)

Strait-Jacket (1964) Podcast Movie Review

Strait-Jacket (1964) – Scare Daniel Podcast Episode 120 “Do you want to date a doctor?” Zombie Daniel and Mummy Corky return from the dead for the 2022 edition of Scare Daniel. This is the fifth installment of our October horror movie series, meaning we’ve reached A New Beginning in Friday […]

Massimo and Laura in The Next 365 Days

“The Next 365 Days” Podcast Movie Review

The Next 365 Days – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 119 “Fuck society.” Daniel and Corky bid farewell to beloved toxic couple Massimo and Laura with their review of The Next 365 Days. Endless, pointless and utterly lacking in any new story developments, The Next 365 Days offers even less than […]

Bill LeVasseur hitching a ride as Ryan in Ryan's Babe

“Ryan’s Babe” Podcast Movie Review

Ryan’s Babe – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 118 “I feel shitty, and I’m tired.” Daniel and Corky bemusedly smile and shake their heads over the indecipherable Canadian anti-comedy Ryan’s Babe.  This dimwitted yet bizarrely Rohmer-ian road trip movie gets the conventions of filmmaking so wrong that it forces you […]

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