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Mill Valley Film Festival 39, Weekend 2

A rainy weekend in Northern California put a damper on my MVFF39 weekend plans, so we’ll keep this final installment short and sweet.  Simon Killer director Antonio Campos’ Christine (GRADE: B) tells the tragic story of Florida anchorwoman Christine Chubbuck (Rebecca Hall, in a perfectly mannered performance), who […]

Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R (4/23 issue)

#barnesyardbumps: *Alex Garland’s sleek sci-fi chamber play Ex Machina works best as a showcase for Oscar Isaac, who reimagines the evil scientist as a socially isolated scumbag jock, equal parts Victor Frankenstein and Frank T.J. Mackie. #barnesyardharrumphs: *The Oscar-nominated documentary The Salt of the Earth charts the 40-year […]

Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R – 1/1 issue

#barnesyardbumps: *With their many absentee fathers, compromised artists, robber baron capitalists, and would-be messiahs, the films of Paul Thomas Anderson portray the California Dream as an oft-repeated fall from grace of Biblical proportions. All pinned to the wall and linked together with an intricate series of colored strings, […]

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