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By Daniel Barnes and Mike Dub Daniel Barnes: My main reason for putting together this festival, beyond exploring a few actresses whose films I had never seen, was to examine cinematic sexuality in the silent era.  As I said in my festival intro, movies don’t create trends, but […]

Festival #3 Intro – Silent Sirens

By Daniel Barnes By its very nature, film is a reactive medium.  There is an incorrect impression that the cinema creates trends, but instead large budgets inspire little courage, and the inherent slowness of the production process means that the movies are always a step behind the zeitgeist.  […]

ESFS Festival #3 – Silent Sirens

Curated by Daniel Barnes For my next ESFS Festival, I wanted to explore some of the silent film actresses who are unfamiliar to me, especially those who embodied their era’s ideal of cinematic sexuality.  Since titans such as Greta Garbo and Gloria Swanson seemed like potential subjects of […]

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