Film Podcast – Dare Daniel Episode 2 – “The Identical”

Is it an Elvis movie or a Jesus movie (or a dessert topping or a floor wax)?  On this episode of Dare Daniel, film critic Daniel Barnes and comedian Corky McDonnell try to make pompadoured heads or boogie-woogie tails of Dustin Marcellino’s The Identical, an incomprehensible mashup of Elvis and Jesus iconography.  Listen as Daniel and Corky discuss the ethics of baby giveaways, talent show judge etiquette and the unexpectedly swanky life of celebrity impersonators.

This week’s beer: Revision Brewing’s The Bruff Imperial NE-Style IPA (8% ABV)

This week’s referenced movies: ClambakeGrudge MatchForrest GumpFrankensteinBeing John MalkovichPee-Wee’s Big AdventureWalk Hard: The Dewey Cox StoryCan’t Hardly WaitThe Butterfly EffectBoogie NightsBright

Ratings for The IdenticalDaniel: Double Dare; Corky: Dare (later changed to Double Dare)

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