“God’s Not Dead 2” Podcast Movie Review

God's Not Dead 2 podcast movie review

God’s Not Dead 2 – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 56

“You could definitely say that God’s Not Dead feeds the persecution complex of evangelical Christians.  God’s Not Dead 2 takes that complex to Golden Corral.”

Left coast elitist Daniel Barnes and evil ACLU lawyer Corky McDonnell take away the hope with their review of Harold Cronk’s berserkly neurotic God’s Not Dead 2.  The 2016 sequel delivers more of that old Cronk magic, amping up both the star power and the paranoid Christian hysteria.

God’s Not Dead 2 returns many of our “favorites” from the original film, including the loathsome Pastor Dave and a cancer-free Liberal Amy.  Like its predecessor, God’s Not Dead 2 wants to use science to discredit science, presenting scripture as “facts” while also applying a “minimal facts method.”  Meanwhile, the movie portrays the Deep South as a hotbed of anti-Christian fervor.  Naturally, this all leads to a Kafka-esque sham trial imagined by someone who watched parts of two Law & Order episodes.

Elsewhere, Daniel and Corky discuss Copernicus moments, closet Christians and Ray Wise headshots.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure (Jaina Sinclair)

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (Nathan Hansen)


U.S. theatrical release date: March 30, 2016

Domestic box office: $20.8 million (production budget: $5 million)

Critic scores: 8 on Rotten Tomatoes; 22 on Metacritic

This week’s craft beer: Moonraker Brewing‘s Benevolent Overlord Triple IPA (10% ABV, 100 IBUs)

IMDB synopsis: “When a high school teacher is asked a question in class about Jesus, her response lands her in deep trouble.”

This week’s referenced movies: God’s Not Dead; Warcraft; the Lord of the Rings movies; Quo VadisThe Ten Commandments (1956); HeatAvengers: EndgameA Chorus LineTwin Peaks: Fire Walk With MeThe Empire Strikes BackThe Runaway JuryThe ExorcistRevenge of the Nerds

Ratings: Daniel – Double Dare; Corky – Double Dare


Original theatrical trailer for God’s Not Dead 2

Grace takes a stand

GND2 post-credits stinger

The πs’ Serenade from Revenge of the Nerds

Nero punishes the Christians from Quo Vadis

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