“Think Big” Podcast Movie Review

Think Big podcast movie review

Think Big – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 70

“Chicken bone every time!”

No doubt about it: Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell go pec-to-pec with the Barbarian Brothers on this week’s iron-pumping episode. The podcast hosts review bodybuilding twin brothers Peter and David Paul in the beyond bargain-basement comedy Think Big.

Boasting a title song written and rapped by the Barbarian Brothers, Think Big offers all the generic entertainment you would expect from a film produced by a company named Motion Picture and distributed by a company called Media.  Set somewhere in “Montana, the Present,” the film pits the truck-driving brothers against evil Martin Mull and a litany of ticking clocks.

On their way to becoming “Robin Leach rich,” Daniel and Corky discuss big rig voodoo, Groucho glasses, and evil inventions.


The Jesus Rolls (Julio from The Contrarians)


Video release date: May 9, 1990

Domestic box office gross: n/a

This week’s craft beer: Laughing Monk Brewing’s Black Is Beautiful (10% ABV)

This week’s darer: Mike Dub

Why did Mike Dub dare Daniel and Corky to watch Think Big? “I remember this movie being on constantly in my preteen cable watching days. I don’t remember anything specific about it, but it’s got to be one of the worst movies ever made. Starring the “Barbarian Twins,” Peter Paul and David Paul as shenanigan-prone truck drivers who pick up a teenage nerd. Sort of like Over the Top, if that movie had two Stallones but no arm wrestling.”

IMDB synopsis: “Two somewhat retarded truckers hired to transport toxic waste across the country get caught up with a teen genius who stows away on their truck.”

This week’s referenced movies: Over the TopConan the BarbarianThe Big LebowskiThe Barbarians (1987); Double Trouble (1992); Double ImpactMr. NannyTwin SittersThree NinjasCool RunningsPhenomenonInstinctThe Kid (2000); the National Treasure movies; The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010); Last VegasThe MegNatural Born KillersNo Holds BarredAll the President’s MenDeadfallHappy GilmoreThe Man With the Golden GunMoonrakerDolittleDriving Me Crazy

Ratings: Daniel – Dare; Corky – Dare


Theatrical trailer for Think Big

Airport fight hijinx

The Barbarian Brothers and Richard Kiel on Japanese TV

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