“Sonny” (2002) Podcast Movie Review

Nicolas Cage as Acid Yellow in Sonny (2002).

Dare Daniel: Cage Match – Round 2

Sonny (2002; Dir.: Nicolas Cage) – Episode 125

“Now I know why Mother calls you ‘a natural born whore.'”

Trained pod-stitutes Daniel and Corky continue their Cage Match series by reviewing Cage’s only directorial effort. Sonny is highlighted by a wildly over-the-top performance from Brenda Blethyn that took the hosts’ “Bleth” away.

Elsewhere, Daniel and Corky discuss Horatio Alger prostitutes, cough syrup freakouts and Doonesbury drug designers.


U.S. theatrical debut: Dec. 27, 2002

Domestic box office: $132,000 (production budget: $4 million)

Critics scores: 22 on Rotten Tomatoes; 31 on Metacritic

IMDB synopsis: “An honorably discharged soldier returns home to New Orleans, hoping to break away from his upbringing as a trained prostitute, but his brothel-madam mother has other expectations.”

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Theatrical trailer for Sonny (2002)

The first 90 seconds of Sonny we got

The first 90 seconds of Sonny we wanted

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