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Daniel Barnes

Co-host of the Dare Daniel podcast and member of the San Francisco Bay Area Film Critics Circle.

Joan Rivers and Billy Crystal in Rabbit Test

“Rabbit Test” Podcast Movie Review

  Rabbit Test – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 108 “Next to you, the moon walk was doo-doo.” This week, Gladys Knight & the Poops super-fans Daniel and Corky labor over Joan Rivers’ catastrophically unfunny Rabbit Test. Ostensibly about the world’s first pregnant man, Rabbit Test is a grim […]

Podcast hosts Daniel and Corky read a buffet of bad movie dares

Dare Daniel Podcast – All Dares Episode 4

Dare Daniel Podcast – All Dares Episode 4 “Dares are our food and tonight…we feast!” On this very special episode, famed podcaster Daniel Barnes and comedy legend Corky McDonnell gorge on a buffet of bad movie dares. FACTS AND FIGURES This week’s cocktail: Thyme Thief 2.0 (2 oz. […]

The shark attacks in Jaws: The Revenge

“Jaws: The Revenge” Podcast Movie Review

Jaws: The Revenge – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 107 “It is a cool, calm, tickly day.” Sea snail scientists Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell take their revenge against Joseph Sargent’s slapdash sequel Jaws: The Revenge. Located a million light-leagues away from the elegant terror of Spielberg’s 1975 classic, […]

Marc Maron and Johnny Flynn in Stardust (2020)

“Stardust” (2020) Podcast Movie Review

Stardust (2020) – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 106 “Ground control to major bomb.” Awards grubbers Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell pause their bathroom hallucinations long enough to review Johnny Flynn as a brooding and henpecked David Bowie in Stardust. The film claims to be “(mostly) fiction,” but it’s really […]

Matthew McCounaughey and Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner

“The Wedding Planner” Podcast Movie Review

The Wedding Planner – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 105 “The movie demands the blandness! It wouldn’t have it any other way!” Potato chip magnate Daniel Barnes and  Yahoo! Magazine cover model Corky McDonnell engage with the wall-to-wall blandness of The Wedding Planner. A vehicle seemingly designed to seep […]

Neil Breen in Fateful Findings

“Fateful Findings” Podcast Movie Review

Fateful Findings – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 104 “It’s a magical day!” This week, action obtainer Daniel Barnes and insurance company Corky McDonnell hack into pan-hyphenate auteur Neil Breen’s unfathomable Fateful Findings. It’s as though Breen beamed this incomprehensible, egomaniacal, paranoid fever dream from an alien planet that […]

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