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“The Untamed” Movie Review by Daniel Barnes

The Untamed (2017; Amat Escalante) GRADE: C+ By Daniel Barnes Here comes more dreary provocation from Heli director Escalante.  This time around, Escalante offers an intriguing but no less deadening blend of sexually charged sci-fi and kitchen-sink social drama. Impressive newcomer Ruth Ramos stars as Alejandra, the flustered […]

Endless Poetry Jodorowsky

“Endless Poetry” Movie Review by Daniel Barnes

Endless Poetry (2017; Alejandro Jodorowsky) GRADE: B By Daniel Barnes Full disclosure: I have not seen Jodorowsky’s 2014 comeback film The Dance of Reality, the spiritual successor to this semi-autobiographical fantasy.  Therefore, feel free to disregard my take on Endless Poetry accordingly. That previous film covered Jodorowsky’s youth in Chile, […]

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