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The Sacrifice (1986; Dir.: Andrei Tarkovsky) GRADE: B+ By Daniel Barnes *Opens Thursday, January 11, at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco and at the PFA in Berkeley. Full disclosure: although the perfectly washed-0ut colors of Andrei Tarkovsky’s The Sacrifice have been given a faithful 4K restoration, my viewing experience was […]

IN THEATERS (SF) – “Antiporno”

Antiporno (2017; Dir.: Sion Sono) GRADE: B+ By Daniel Barnes *Opens Friday, December 29, at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco. More electrifying excess from Sono (Tokyo Tribe), this time a collaboration with Nikkatsu, Japan’s oldest major film studio.  Antiporno is part of a series of feature-length throwbacks to Nikkatsu’s 1970s […]

IN THEATERS (SF) – “Brimstone & Glory”

Brimstone & Glory (2017; Dir.: Viktor Jakovleski) GRADE: B By Daniel Barnes *Opens Friday, November 3, at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco. A color-saturated, visually stimulating, razor-thin documentary about the National Pyrotechnic Festival that takes place in the Mexican municipality of Tultepec, a national center for fireworks production.  […]

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