Documented (2014; Dir.: Jose Antonio Vargas and Ann Lupo) GRADE: C+ By Daniel Barnes *Opening today at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco, and at Rialto Cinemas in Berkeley and Sebastopol. It is difficult to discern whether Documented is a victim of advocacy documentary fatigue, or just another […]

Daniel Barnes @ the SNR (5/15 issue)

#barnesyardharrumphs: *Almost every “costume drama” deals with the inequities of privilege, with the focus usually falling on class and gender divides. Amma Asante’s Belle (pictured below) adds racial inequality into the mix, and the wrinkle is almost compelling enough to forgive the superficial treatment it receives. #barnesyarddumps: *Jon […]

IN THEATERS – Under the Skin

Under the Skin (2014; Dir.: Jonathan Glazer) GRADE: A By Daniel Barnes The idea of an alien creature who visits Earth to teach us something about ourselves is a common one in sci-fi cinema, but few if any films have allowed the audience to see the world through […]


The Class (2008; Dir.: Laurent Cantet) GRADE: A- By Daniel Barnes While Hollywood films are typically and predictably dismissive of school teachers (and all public servants, really) as pedants, snobs, fascists, and/or layabouts, there also exists a mostly icky vein of educator-as-hero stories. Movies ranging from Goodbye, Mr. […]

Festival 4, Film 2 – EQUUS

Equus (1977; Dir.: Sidney Lumet) GRADE: B- By Daniel Barnes Equus was adapted from a Tony Award-winning play by Peter Shaffer, at a seemingly perfect time for director Sidney Lumet to shepherd a prestige production to the screen. A workhorse since his TV days in the early 1950s, […]

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