“L’Age d’Or”

L’Age d’Or (1929; Dir.: Luis Bunuel) GRADE: A By Daniel Barnes *Originally published on the old E Street Film Society blog on March 25, 2009. L’Age d’Or was made over 30 years earlier than The Exterminating Angel, but it almost feels like a savage prequel, even offering a sequence […]

Filmmaker Interview – Tobias Tobbell

Although he has just recently directed his first feature film, British filmmaker Tobias Tobbell is a veteran of theater and video.  His London-based production company, Two Bells Productions, has created hundreds of videos and commercials, and Tobbell himself produced the independent feature The Drummond Will (2010). His debut […]

In Theaters – “Draft Day”

Draft Day (2014; Dir.: Ivan Reitman) GRADE: D By Mike Dub  It seems that Kevin Costner has reached the point in his career where self-mockery passes for performance.  Following in the steps of superior actors like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro before him, Costner has entered the golden years […]

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