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In Theaters (SF) – “The Fallen Idol”

The Fallen Idol (1948; Dir.: Carol Reed) GRADE: B+ By Mike Dub *Opens Friday at the Landmark Opera Plaza Cinema in San Francisco and the Landmark Shattuck in Berkeley. Carol Reed’s 1948 child noir The Fallen Idol could have easily sunk into the trappings that lazier films about children find so […]

Noir Nights at the Crest Theater

By Mike Dub Now that the holidays are over, and we’ve all had our fill of our loving families, the spirit of giving, and good tidings of cheer, pour a little acid back into your soul this weekend with the Crest Theater’s Noir Nights film festival. Running Friday […]

In Theaters (SF) – The Creeping Garden

The Creeping Garden (2015; Dir.: Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp) GRADE: B By Mike Dub *Opens tomorrow at the 4 Star Theater in San Francisco. “It’s not animal, it’s not vegetable, it’s not fungi. It’s slimeball.” A fascinating science documentary by Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp, The Creeping Garden […]

In Theaters – “The Visit”

The Visit (2015; Dir.: M. Night Shaymalan) GRADE: D By Mike Dub “You can’t mess up slow dancing because it’s just kind of a slow motion hug.  The only way you could mess it up is if you started fast dancing in the middle of it.  And she was […]

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