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“Godard mon Amour” Movie Review by Daniel Barnes

Godard mon Amour (2018; Michael Hazanavicius) GRADE: C By Daniel Barnes *Opens Friday, April 27, at the Landmark Embarcadero in San Francisco. Talk about Contempt! Academy Award-winning director Michael Hazanavicius (that looks wrong, but this is our world now, deal with it) delivers this annoyingly whimsical biopic about the relationship […]

“The Idol” Movie Review By Daniel Barnes

  The Idol (2016; Hany Abu-Assad) GRADE: C By Daniel Barnes Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad garnered Best Foreign Film Oscar nominations for his terrorist dramas Paradise Now and Omar, both mediocre efforts elevated by their presumed hot-button timeliness.  Abu-Assad’s latest film The Idol is something different: an intentionally […]

“Little Richard” (2000) Movie Review by Daniel Barnes

Little Richard (2000; Robert Townsend) GRADE: D By Daniel Barnes *NOTE: This review was originally published on The Barnesyard in 2006. “Gentile, Quasi-Inspiring Treatment” Hollywood biopics are less filmed biographies than they are hagiographies.  There is an assumption that every story should be “inspiring”, even if the subject […]

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