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IN THEATERS (SF) – “78/52”

78/52 (2017; Dir.: Alexandre O. Phillippe) GRADE: C- By Daniel Barnes *Opens Friday, October 27, at the Alamo Drafthouse at New Mission; now playing on VOD services. Superficial cinephilia from The People vs. George Lucas director Phillippe, a wide-ranging non-examination of the infamous shower scene from Psycho (the title of the documentary refers […]

MVFF38, The Weekdays (Mon-Thurs)

By Daniel Barnes I’ve reached the point of #MVFF38 where the buffet line of cinematic options that once seemed so appetizing has come to feel more like an indigestible eating challenge. Going into the final weekend of the festival, I have screened eighteen #MVFF38 films, and it feels […]

Daniel Barnes @ the SN&R – 6/26/2014 issue

#barnesyardbumps: *The highlight of the opening weekend of the Sacramento French Film Festival was Alain Gauraudie’s quietly spellbinding Stranger by the Lake, which is like Hitchcock distilled down to his purest form. #barnesyardharrumphs: *In the lovely but empty The Immigrant, director James Gray carves away genre trappings to […]