“Hercules in New York” Podcast Movie Review

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arnold Stang in Hercules in New York

Hercules in New York – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 86

“Hercules schmercules!”

Daniel and Corky descend from  Olympus to review the fish-out-of-water monkeyshines of Arthur Allan Seidelman’s Hercules in New York.

A movie seemingly devoid of second takes, this debut film for 22-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger (née Strong) is a doggerel-filled, painfully unfunny, low-budget comedy set in Midnight Cowboy-era NYC.

Elsewhere, Daniel and Corky discuss cardboard thunderbolts, frenzied mandolins and Stang-provisation.


The New Mutants (Matt Barnes)


Daniel’s craft spirit: J.J. Pfister’s American Single Malt Whiskey (56% ABV)

Critics scores: 17 on Rotten Tomatoes; 23 on Metacritic

Theatrical release date: Feb. 25, 1970

This week’s darer: Michael Bagamery

IMDB synopsis: “Hercules is sent to Earth where he finds true love and starts a promising career in the bodybuilder business.”

This week’s referenced movies: X-Men movies; the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Pumping IronLove on a LeashJunoThe Third ManThe Poseidon AdventurePoltergeistWall StreetCitizen KaneThe TerminatorMidnight CowboySleepless in SeattleThe Nutty Professor (1996); TwinsTerminator 2: Judgment Day

Ratings: Daniel – Dare; Corky – Reverse Dare


Original theatrical trailer for Hercules in New York

“You have struck Hercules.”

Dubbed Hercules vs. Original Recipe

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