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In Theaters – “The Great Beauty”

The Great Beauty (2013; Dir.: Paolo Sorrentino) GRADE: B By Mike Dub The Great Beauty, this year’s Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film, is a lavish, beautiful, nearly epic film about one man’s quest to find meaning in his life and his work.  Awash in a culture that […]


Scorsese talks about Antonioni, placing him within the context of the era’s European “arthouse” cinema.  He also calls L’Eclisse the “boldest” of the three films, “less like a story and more like a poem.”  Naturally, Scorsese makes me ashamed for not liking the movie more. The opening credits of the […]

ESFS Festival 1, Film 3

L’ECLISSE (1962; Dir.: Michelangelo Antonioni) GRADE: B- By Daniel Barnes As much as Antonioni stripped the narratives of L’Avventura and La Notte down to their bare essentials, those films had natural forward momentums and classic narrative shapes.  L’Avventura takes on the basic structure of an unsolvable, Laura-like mystery, […]

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