Film Podcast – Dare Daniel Episode 4 – “Aloha”


On this week’s episode, film critic Daniel Barnes and comedian Corky McDonnell lei into Cameron Crowe’s Aloha, starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Bill Murray.  The hosts discuss the unexpected poetry of e-mail hacks, Manic Pixie Dream Racism, the importance of pedestrian gates and whether or not Ke$ha could launch a satellite, all the while struggling in vain to figure out what the movie’s main character does for a living.

This week’s beer: Modern Times Brewing’s City of the Sun IPA (7.6% ABV)

This week’s referenced movies: The Interview; Elizabethtown; Singles; Vanilla Sky; We Bought a Zoo; Jerry Maguire; Almost Famous; Say AnythingThe Snowman

Ratings for AlohaDaniel: Double Dare; Corky: Dare

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