Dare Daniel Podcast Mini-Episode 4.5

Daniel and Corky kick off this fast-paced, action-packed mini-episode by previewing next week’s review of the nonsensical non-thriller The Snowman, available to rent on all the usual VOD services.  They also provide some final thoughts on last week’s review of Aloha, contemplating whether or not Bill Murray’s character really wanted to kill everyone on the planet.  Finally, your hosts offer their picks for the worst movie twists of all time (shout-out to Ape-raham Lincoln) and read a few of your movie dares.

Dare Daniel Question of the Week: What film has the worst twist of all time?

Corky: Signs (water kills the aliens); Daniel: The Dark Knight Rises (Batman survives and starts a family with Catwoman).

New Dares: CHAPPiE (Court H.); Fifty Shades of Grey (Heather S.)

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