Film Podcast – Dare Daniel Episode 14 – “Renaissance Man”

“I’ve never taught before…and you’ve never thought before!”

Despite “struggling in the brain department,” Double D’s Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell scale Chekhov’s Victory Tower to review Penny Marshall’s career-killing 1994 military comedy Renaissance Man, starring the beloved comedy duo of Danny DeVito and Gregory Hines.  In a desperate attempt to manufacture any kind of stakes, the hosts discuss Burger King dates and patriotic Hamlet tests, wonder where the film’s $40 million budget went, and blame Rob Reiner for the entire thing.

This week’s craft beer: Ale Industries‘ Enigma Gold Extra Brut IPA (7.35% ABV)

This week’s Darer: Mike Dub

Why did Mike Dub dare Daniel and Corky to watch this movie? “This is the movie that made Danny DeVito and Gregory Hines the most beloved comedy duo of the 1990s…that happened, right? Bonus (spoiler alert): teaching Shakespeare to young, poor, predominantly minority people by rapping!”

This week’s referenced movies: BigA League of Their Own; AwakeningsSpeedThe FlintstonesMaverick; Beverly Hills Cop IIINorthThe PlayerCollateral BeautyThe WarriorsCan’t Stop the MusicJuiceA Bronx TaleThe Silence of the LambsTheodore RexCape FearDead Poets SocietyStand and DeliverThe Shawshank RedemptionHome AloneSister ActDangerous MindsBright

Ratings for Renaissance Man: Daniel – Double Dare; Corky – Double Dare

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