Film Podcast – Dare Daniel Mini-Episode 13.5

In this Lilliputian mini-episode of the Dare Daniel podcast, children of the 1980s Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell preview next week’s review of Penny Marshall’s 1994 dud Renaissance Man, starring the hilarious comedy duo of Danny DeVito and Gregory Hines (look for their full-length review on Tuesday).  After piling more scorn on the putrid Collateral Beauty, and recalling their previous criticisms of Bright and Hancock, Daniel and Corky finally shine a little sunshine on The Fresh Prince by picking their favorite Will Smith movies.  Elsewhere, Daniel connects the dots between Yasujiro Ozu and Michael Bay, Corky hits his head on his own microphone and both hosts agree that the mouth is nothing more than the house where your tongue lives.

Dare Daniel Question of the Week: What is your favorite Will Smith movie?

Corky’s pick: Ali

Daniel’s pick: Bad Boys 2

New Dares: Event Horizon (Colin Williams); The Monuments Men (Seth Katz)

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