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“Suburbicon” Podcast Movie Review

Matt Damon in Suburbicon

Suburbicon (2017; George Clooney) – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 17

“This case stinks.  I smelled it coming off the freeway.”

Suburban commandoes Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell travel into the dark heart of 1950s homeowners’ associations to review George Clooney’s ambitious but tone-deaf 2017 black comedy Suburbicon.

One of the 37 unsuccessful movies that Matt Damon made last year, Suburbia stars the former Will Hunting as murderous husband and father Gardner Lodge, while Julianne Moore plays twin sisters Rose and Maggie…or is it Maggie and Rose?

Daniel can’t get past the film’s “little red flags,” but Corky admires the style and scope of Suburbicon, although both hosts are amazed at Clooney’s inability to build any kind of suspense.

Elsewhere, the hosts discuss poison PB&Js, bad guy bus drivers and the inner turmoil of Matt Damon.


U.S. theatrical release date: October 17, 2017

Box office: budget – $25 million; domestic gross – $5.775 million

Critics scores: 29 on Rotten Tomatoes; 42 on MetaCritic

This week’s craft beer: Revision Brewing’s Glitter Moon (8.5% ABV)

This week’s Darers: Daniel and Corky

Why did Daniel and Corky dare themselves to watch Suburbicon? Corky: “This is the point of this podcast–it’s fairly recent, it tanked like a motherfucker, but everybody in it is somebody that I’m drawn to.”

This week’s referenced movies: The ForeignerPleasantvilleEdward ScissorhandsGoodfellasFifty Shades trilogyFargoBlood SimpleThe Man Who Wasn’t ThereMiller’s CrossingIntolerable CrueltyFight ClubBurn After ReadingLittle Shop of HorrorsGet Out

Ratings for Suburbicon: Daniel – Double Dare; Corky – Reverse Dare


Original theatrical trailer for Suburbicon

“This claim has a bunch of little red flags.”

1957 documentary Crisis in Levittown, about the incident involving the real-life Myers family

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