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“Bio-Dome” Podcast Movie Review

Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin in Bio-Dome

Bio-Dome (1996; Jason Bloom) – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 36

“If you had feral children, put them in bowling shirts, injected them with methamphetamines, this is what you would get.  Only less restrained than that.”

In this Earth Day-themed episode of the Dare Daniel podcast, Gen-X roadkill on the superhighway of progress Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell review Jason Bloom’s environmentally unconscious comedy Bio-Dome.  Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin star as Tucson junior college students Bud and Doyle, 30-year-old man-children accidentally sealed inside an experimental science lab.

Bio-Dome is a psychotically unfunny and thoroughly loathsome comedy from start to finish.  That said, the film earns points for never taking its foot off the pedal, and for never attempting to make the manic idiot protagonists remotely likable or even human.

More excreted than released in January 1996, the film co-stars Kylie Minogue, William Atherton (playing against type as a bureaucratic prick shown up by rulebreaking slobs), Joey Lauren Adams and Rose McGowan, and features cameos from Roger Clinton, Patricia Hearst, and Tenacious D.  That early 1990s casting gets abetted by an early 1990s MTV aesthetic, just right for the uniquely layered and nuanced comedy stylings of Pauly Shore.

Unable to cork it any longer, Daniel and Corky discuss anatomically correct action figures, grape smugglers, clown murders, The Great Chipmunk Fire of 1989, Taylor Negron ex machina, soy casserole and coconut bombs.


U.S. theatrical release date: January 12, 1996

Domestic box office: $13.4 million (production budget of $15 million)

Critic scores: 4 on Rotten Tomatoes; 1 on Metacritic

This week’s craft beer: Pizza Port Brewing‘s Bacon and Eggs Imperial Coffee Porter

This week’s Darer: The Weezel

Why did The Weezel dare Daniel and Corky to watch Bio-Dome“This movie gave Al Gore meaning to his life, as is well known. Pauly Shore AND Stephen Baldwin save the earth with cigarette butts while earning the respect of some sexy doctors and their girlfriends.”

IMDB synopsis: “Moronic best friends get themselves locked inside the Bio-Dome, a science experiment, along with a group of environmental scientists for one year.”

This week’s referenced movies: Ready to RumbleReal GeniusGhostbustersDie HardBlue VelvetApocalypse NowExorcist II: The Heretic

Ratings for Bio-Dome: Daniel – Dare; Corky – Double Dare


Original theatrical trailer for Bio-Dome

Doing the “Safety Dance”

Laughing gas and hypodermic darts

Blue Velvet gas mask scene

William Atherton playing a prick in Ghostbusters

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