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“Megaforce” Podcast Movie Review

Megaforce (1982)

Megaforce – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 62

“Get ready for a high-speed moccasin blowout!”

Although still social distancing, Daniel and Corky welcome comedian and Barley & Me host Ben Rice on this week’s episode. Ben even supplied a flavor-forward beer from Flatland Brewing to contrast with this week’s flavorless film.

Directed and co-written by stuntman Hal Needham, Megaforce stars a gravitas-free Barry Bostwick as paramilitary “hero” Ace Hunter, leader of a secret fighting force that makes no attempt at secrecy. This clumsy attempt to meld Reagan-era politics into a Mad Max meets Star Wars mashup is the opposite of badass. A 65-minute movie that is 99 minutes long, Megaforce feels like the unaired pilot for an unwatchable TV show. Meanwhile, the opening credits of Megaforce tout the use of Introvision and Zoptic, both presumably street words for cocaine.

Elsewhere, the group discusses laser labs, Skoal t-shirts, LBGTQ-friendly chutes, flying motorcycles, and thumbs-up kisses.


Theatrical release date: June 25, 1982

Domestic box office: $5.7 million (production budget: $20 million)

Critic scores: 0 on Rotten Tomatoes

This week’s craft beer: Flatland Brewing‘s Flannel Jacket (11.8% ABV)

This week’s darer: Dean Longenecker

Why did Dean dare Daniel and Corky to watch Megaforce“Where to start? Barry Bostwick as an action star? Has the hair for it. Michael Beck as the sidekick? Also the hair for it. Persis Khambatta (with hair), Henry Silva, always awesome bad guy. The old guy from Knight Rider? Hal Needham directing? Five writers who tried to write an action movie, a cast who thought this a campy, spoof action flick. Pure money grab by the producers. Failed miserably. Action is OK, for the early 70s, but it’s made in the 80s. Gold lame bodysuits that are way too tight? The legendary motorcycle scene? Worth a review.”

IMDB synopsis: “Story about a rapid deployment defense unit that is called into action whenever freedom is threatened.”

This week’s referenced movies: Smokey and the Bandit movies; The Cannonball Run films; Hooper; Stroker AceThe Rocky Horror Picture ShowE.T. The Extra-TerrestrialBlade RunnerRocky IIIStar Trek II: The Wrath of KhanPoltergeist (1982); The Thing (1982); InchonMad Max: Fury RoadThe Empire Strikes BackDuck SoupTeam America: World PoliceThe Birth of a Nation (1915); Kill Bill: Vol. 1; the Star Wars movies; The Wizard of OzMetropolisThe Neverending Story


Theatrical trailer for Megaforce

Introducing…Ace Hunter!

Flying motorcycle scene

Romantic parachuting scene

The opening sequence of Team America: World Police

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