A Brief History of Dare Daniel

By Daniel Barnes

I created Dare Daniel on my first movie blog back in September 2005 (sixteen months before Nathan Rabin began his year of flops, and over five years before the first episode of How Did This Get Made?, so don’t even go there).  The concept was simple and sadistic: I encouraged my readers to send me their sickest movie suggestions, we voted on a “winner” (although no matter what movie won, I lost), and then I was sentenced to watch and review the chosen stinkeroo for the amusement of the mob.

If you’re new to the Dare Daniel experience, here are a few classic examples to get you started:

Jack and Jill
Krippendorf’s Tribe
Freddy Got Fingered
The Back-Up Plan

Although the brain cells required to carve up these turkeys were painful to relinquish, Dare Daniel quickly became my most popular running bit across several different film blogs.  Over a dozen years later, Dare Daniel is taking the next step in its evolution with a podcast co-hosted by my long-time friend, local comedian Corky McDonnell.

On the show, we accept movie dares from our listeners and each other, and then we suffer through the film and review it in excruciating detail for your amusement. If you have a movie that you would like to dare us to watch, submit it HERE or hit us up on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.