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Brimstone & Glory

“Brimstone & Glory” Movie Review by Daniel Barnes

Brimstone & Glory (2017; Viktor Jakovleski) GRADE: B By Daniel Barnes *Opens Friday, November 3, at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco. A color-saturated, visually stimulating, razor-thin documentary about the National Pyrotechnic Festival that takes place in the Mexican municipality of Tultepec, a national center for fireworks production.  There […]

“Tragedy Girls” Movie Review by Daniel Barnes

Tragedy Girls (2017; Tyler MacIntire) GRADE: C By Daniel Barnes *Opens Friday, November 3. Appealing newcomers Brianna Hildebrand and Alexandra Shipp headline this ghoulish and unfunny horror satire.  They play high school cheerleaders and lifelong “besties” with an unhealthily active interest in serial killers. In an attempt to expand […]

78/52 Hitchcock's Shower Scene

“78/52” Movie Review by Daniel Barnes

78/52 (2017; Alexandre O. Phillippe) GRADE: C- By Daniel Barnes *Opens Friday, October 27, at the Alamo Drafthouse at New Mission; now playing on VOD services. Superficial cinephilia from The People vs. George Lucas director Phillippe, a wide-ranging non-examination of the infamous shower scene from Psycho.  The title of 78/52 refers to the […]

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